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Cass Business School Executive MBA from City University London toured SAP Silicon Valley hosted by SAP University Alliances:

Professor GianVita Lanzolla, Head of Faculty of Management, Professor of Strategic Leadership led the 44 Executive/Full-time MBA students to SAP as part of Innovation Dive into the Silicon Valley.

Thanks to Martin Gollogly and Sandra Moerch-Petersen who coordinated the entire event at SAP.

Special Thanks to Aaron William, who conducted a hands guide for the 44 executives/students at the SAP D-Shop, and Amol Deshpande who led the group in a hands-on discussion of how SAP uses design to co-innovate with customers, including an immersive Virtual Reality demo.

Experience their impressions of SAP on Youtube:

Cass Business School Executive MBA Wrap Up at SAP Silicon Valley - YouTube