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SAP User Experience Training

There has been an evolution in the SAP strategy on user experience. Simplifying and beautifying the user experience has a tremendous impact on a business value.  This includes gains in user productivity, user application adoption rates, decreases in user errors, and savings in training costs.  With the advent of new technology such as smartphones and tablets a rich and simple user experience is also now the expectation of most users.

To deliver this rich user interface SAP has a number of new technology choices available.  These include:

    • SAP Screen Personas
    • SAP Fiori
    • SAP SAPUI5
    • Workforce Performance Builder

Which one is right for you?  Maybe all of them!  Here is a brief description of each one:

SAP Screen Personas is a rendering engine that allows classic SAP Dynpro Screens to be viewed in a browser.  It allows these classic screens to be simplified and beautified to create rich and simple user experiences.  To simplify the business process the number of steps, screens and fields can be reduced.  The applications can also be enriched with corporate branding to include the appropriate fonts, colors, and images.

SAP Fiori is a collection of applications that represents the SAP User Experience paradigm.  These applications are based on SAP SAPUI5 technology and adhere to the following design constraints:

  1. Role-based – The application is task based that only shows the relevant information for one task.
  2. Responsiveness – The application works seamlessly on all devices such as desktops, tablets and smartphones.
  3. Simple – The application is designed using the 3-1-1 scenario.  1 user, 1 use case and 3 screens.
  4. Coherent – The application provides a fluid intuitive experience.  This allows the easy deployment and use in all circumstances.
  5. Delightful The application makes an emotional connection and has a low barrier to adoption.

SAP SAPUI5 is a development toolkit for building rich user interfaces for modern web applications.  This toolkit is an enterprise ready HTML5 rendering library for client side UI applications and is based on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery. It is open and flexible and supports all SAP Product standards.  It is designed for building lightweight consumer user interfaces for casual usage.  SAPUI5 has open and extensible controls and is easy to consume.  Many of the controls are designed to be responsive and work on any desktop, table and smartphone device.

Workforce Performance Builder (WPB) provides enterprise wide learning and performance support. It allows for the creation of learning solutions across a customer’s landscape with a consistent user interface.  It can be used improve adoption for both SAP and non-SAP applications.

For training information on any of these topics please view: