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View the on demand webcast and learn how to increase productivity during times of change with SAP’s Day-One approach.

During a single lifetime, from childhood to adulthood, we experience many different changes and overcome challenges that make us a better person.

Consider this concept but instead look at the lifetime of an employee with many different stages, tasks and results.

But now think even bigger, and imagine a company – from being a small start-up to experiencing growth, to becoming an industry leader with maturity on a global level. Such a company faces many different change events, such as:

  • introducing a new product and bringing it to market
  • hiring new people and up skill the existing talents
  • changing strategies and processes
  • applying new technologies
  • improving and upgrading applications
  • acquiring another company

All of these changes directly impact the company’s performance, but what is the best way to prepare, manage, rollout and perform on such changes? Well, it’s the people - the workforce - who need to be ambassadors for change. Your workforce needs to understand the change, create materials to communicate and enable on it, and then execute on it. And by the way, ideally it should be completed in the best possible way so the company can benefit from change as much and as early as possible.

Let us look at a typical ERP project as an example to understand the reality a bit better:

Typically only around half of all projects are on time and budget. And the worse thing is, companies are not even generating the expected value out of it after it is in place. Main reason for that: the people are not leveraging the potentials of the new software, and use it wrong or inefficiently.

And now guess what happens with the many other possible changes that have been listed above which are not as standard as an ERP project.
The bigger the change, the more issues will arise and the more people are not able to execute on it. As a result: the company invested a lot but will suffer until the workforce is capable to handle the change – and not only handle it, but get the most out of it to make their company run better, faster, and more profitable.

In our upcoming webinar we would like to present to you ‘SAP’s Day One Approach to Change’. We will discuss how to maximize the return on investments and minimize total costs of change, across all applications and business processes, from day one with the help of SAP Workforce Performance Builder and other SAP solutions.

You will discover in this one-hour session innovative ways to get the most out of IT investments, business process changes, and your workforce, as well as to hear about publish-ready recordings that aid your workforce on changes like never before. In addition, we will cover process-oriented learning, provide an overview about analytics and learning tools for workforce performance optimization, and more.

Join us for one of these sessions and learn about the latest innovations from the SAP Education organization that can quickly prepare your workforce to handle change in essential impact areas from day one.

** UPDATE: You can now find these sessions on demand. Check out our full wrap up report from the event here to access the recording, slides, and full Q&A **

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