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We had the pleasure to host some 54 students and 2 professors from Dayananda Sagar Business Academy at SAP Labs on 23 March 2016. These students were a mix studying MCA (Masters of Computer Application) as well as BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). We put in place an agenda that gave them a clear understanding of how SAP as a corporate plays such an important role in the global economics. How SAP has been instrumental in shaping/ disrupting the technology landscape from time to time and for decades. The presentations included well known statistics such as "74% of the worlds financial transactions pass through an SAP system" and many videos on SAP.

The topics also included Digital Business Framework and Digital Transformation. This was important for us to touch upon because the students should know SAP in the light of the latest technological trends in the world such as Big Data, Internet of Things, Social, Cloud, Mobility that are changing the way we interact with the businesses these days.

This was the agenda that we put in place

1. SAP Corporate Profile

2. Global Impact

3. Age of the Digital Enterprise