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Through the affiliation of Dublin Institute of Technology and University of Ludwigshafen, 30 International Business Master students and one Professor from Dublin got an insight of SAP HANA at SAP Walldorf on 12 March. Nithin S. Jagadish (Program Director) explained the relevance of SAP HANA and the breakthrough that it offers and he also introduced the benefits of using the Design Thinking approach in an IT environment. Micheal Mueller, one student from Nithin’s team showcased a demo about SAP HANA. Finally Heeren Nilsen, who is working in the Value Prototyping team presented the advantages of Blackberry Applications.  In the end the students got an overview about SAP UA and how an external person can get information about SAP UA and learn about the different events the department holds such as: future InnoJams and Design Thinking Jams. After the presentations the one-day visitors had a guided tour through SAP's project inspiration pavilion.