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In the context of the long-term partnership between the MRCC and the SAP AG, the Centers for Very Large Business Applications in Magdeburg and Munich presented their current research results in Walldorf on  January 29th, 2014. On this occasion, the researchers received valuable feedback from both scientific and practical perspectives from the advisory council of the CVLBA and senior SAP managers.

The following quotes give a deeper look at the benefit of the meeting:

"Continuous improvement at work: Fruitful discussions and constructive organizational suggestions moved cooperation to a new level."

Prof. Dr. Klaus Turowski, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

"This year's Annual VLBA Meeting had the motto: "Rigour meets Relevance"! Along with the Ph.D. students, their supervisors and the representatives of the academic board an impressive number of SAP professionals discussed the research projects and progress. The importance of all these new and innovative topics in IS research led to some interesting discussions between academic and practical world. Together with Dr. Bernd Welz (SAP Executive Vice President, Global Head of Solution and Knowledge Packaging) and Ann Rosenberg (Head of SAP Global University Alliances) the VLBA teams of Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg and Technische Universität München discussed a more integrative approach of VLBA research with highly relevant SAP topics. Overall, the discussions with all participants may have been tough, but they were also congenial and constructive throughout, with each party understanding the other views and the benefits of this collaboration."

Harald Kienegger, Technische Universität München, Co-Executive Director SAP University Competence Center

"I am impressed and feel inspired by the great scientific research I have seen ... great work that will improve the way how large and complex systems with high availability can be provided. The event also clearly showed how fruitful collaboration between research and practitioners at SAP is - a path where we still can go one step ahead by establishing clear topic sponsorship from SAP management to provide the researchers with even better access to the experts in our company."

Dr. Oliver Kroneisen, Vice President COO LoB Finance, SAP AG

The invited guests included, amongst others:

Prof. Dr. Klaus TurowskiOtto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
Prof. Dr. Gerhard SchwabeUniversität Zürich
Dr. Bernd WelzSAP AG, Executive Vice President, Solution & Knowledge Packaging
Ann RosenbergSAP AG, Head of Global University Alliances
Dr. Michael NuernbergSAP AG, SAKP Global University Alliances
Dr. Oliver KroneisenSAP AG, Chief Project Expert and Vice President
Niraj SinghSAP AG, GC University Alliances EMEA - Marketing
Carsten BeckerSAP AG, Demand Generation D&T and Analytics
Dr. Kristof SchneiderSAP AG, SAKP Global University Alliances
Daniel von DungenSAP AG, SAKP Global University Alliances
Ralf MuellerSAP AG, GRC Operations & GRC Corporate Functions
Fabian MuellerSAP AG, GRC Risk Management Governance & Operations
Stefan EttrichSAP AG, IT ETA
Holger GebertSAP AG, GS oD Germany Team 1
Thomas MatternSAP AG, SAKP Business Service & Quality Management
Stefan WeidnerOtto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

The following presentations were scheduled:

08:30WelcomeDr. Bernd Welz
08:40KeynoteAnn Rosenberg
08:50IntroductionProf. Dr. Klaus Turowski
09:00Critical Success Factors of SaaS Based ERP Implementations - An Explorative Study Using SAP Business ByDesign as an ExampleHarald Kienegger
09:30A Conceptual Model of an ERP System for Cloud Application Service ProvidersJohannes Hintsch
10:00Understanding the Organizational Design of IT Risk ManagementManuel Wiesche
10:45Business Simulations with SAP ERPBastian Kurbjuhn
11:15The Vendor's Perspective on Information Systems Project RiskKonrad Dongus
11:45Predicting Non–functional Properties of Service-Oriented IT System LandscapesSascha Bosse
13:15IT-related Challenges in Corporate Divestitures: Towards a Reference Model for managing IT Carve-OutsMarcus Böhm
13:45Cloud Operations ManagementChristian Schulz
15:30SummaryHarald Kienegger
15:45ClosingProf. Dr. Klaus Turowski