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When SAP Education announced that it had taken learning to the cloud with the introduction of the new SAP Learning Hub, they put a stake in the ground for cloud-based learning. While SAP Learning Hub has been reintroduced in a new version based on SuccessFactors Learning and SAP Jam, it’s not a new offering on the market. On the contrary, since its initial introduction as an offering for partners back in 2012, SAP Learning Hub has been embraced by 230 customers and 13,000 subscribers.

One of these customers is Brett Hayes, Managing Director Technology with Accenture Australia Ltd., who has this to say about the impact of SAP Learning Hub in his organization:

“Our strategy is built around our clients becoming high-performing businesses and governments, and fundamental to that is the technology change and transformation that is central to our role."

"Flexibility is the key aspect to our training strategy moving forward. We’re getting an increased demand for the new technologies and training areas, and our people are looking to expand and grow their skills on a daily basis. So SAP Learning Hub is critical to that. It gives our people access to the content they need in a real-time environment. Now we can offer 38,000 people globally up-to-date training 24/7. It has made a great difference in how we function.”

To hear more from Brett, watch this short video...