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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

People often think that user experience is all about creating beautiful user interfaces to make users happy. Yes, of course enhancing your users’ experience will result in greater user satisfaction but did you know that UX has a range of other benefits, including financial advantages for your business?

With an intuitive user interface that meets your end users’ needs, your training costs can be lowered, your users can work more productively, and they will make fewer errors, which means less time and money spent correcting mistakes. At SAP, we’ve worked together with our customers to improve their UX by humanizing the software experience and taking their organization on a user experience journey. In this way, we’ve helped them to reap the benefits, both financial and non-financial, and now we’d like to share our experiences with you!

With this openSAP course, Creating Business Value with User Experience, experts from SAP’s Design & Co-Innovation Center will explain the business value that you can achieve with great UX. They will demonstrate how a UX strategy is more than just tools and technologies, before sharing learnings from over 300 customer engagements. These projects will show the powerful results that can be achieved with a culture of innovation, comprising Design Thinking methods, a creative space, and the right interdisciplinary team. This course will help you to understand why you should invest in UX and will show you how to get started on your UX journey.

This is a one week openSAP course, requiring approximately three hours learning time in total. All of the course content will be available from May 19  and you will have an opportunity to complete the course assignment until June 30.

Sign up today for free and discover why UX is a key differentiator for your business!

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