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Here the SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando is coming..!! Are you all packed? I can hardly contain my inner self with excitement and joy. I even cannot believe that my team has an opportunity to attend the conference with the two other teams from China. .

Thanks to Dashboard Design Competition supported by SCN and other institutions, I am getting start with SAP University Alliance. With the help of our tutor and open platform at SAP UA website, my partner, Yang Zijian, and I learn the dashboard software by the video materials and related documents. Open platform is a nice method for us to learn by ourselves. My team’s subject is The Olympic Games Swimming Data Analysis and Forecast. You can find almost all the Olympic swimming data from 2000 to 2012, whatever the result, athlete, stroke or the trend curve. Besides, we pay more attention to the Interaction Design. Custom-center design is crucial to the final output because you should make sure that the work operate friendly and use easily. I think the dashboard is to be used by “true user” instead of “engineer”.

We were lucky to win the second place finally and had a chance to attend the TechEd Shanghai. In the TechEd 2012 in Shanghai, I learned from the other students’ work and made new friends. It is my profound pleasure to be invited to the SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando by Ann Rosenberg, the Head of Global SAP University Alliances.


SAPPHIRENOW must be a technology feast around the world. Especially, the Design Thinking Jam which will happen at 13th May attracts us mostly. It would broaden my horizon and rich my knowledge.   

You actually want to become really adaptable. You want constantly to acquire new skills, knowledge, and expertise that enable you constantly to be able to create value-something more than vanilla ice cream.SAPPHIRENOW is such a conference.


I will share everything at Orlando. @sara yin