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Product and Topic Expert

Businesses today are recruiting in what is likely history’s most competitive talent market. Amid the “Great Resignation,” employers need to do more than ever to convince talent that their company is the right place to work. That’s because today’s candidates value more than just salary and benefits. Specifically, top technology consultants seek opportunities for learning and skill building.

You can show your consultants that you are invested in them through certification programs that help them develop and stay up to date with their technology skills. For technology partners and their consultants, certification is an increasingly important marker of foundational knowledge and continued learning. When your consultants have a respected, up-to-date technology certification, your customers can trust that they are among the best at what they do.

Deliver on your pledge to employees

The top technology consultants take a special kind of pride in their work, so it makes sense that they value the opportunity to learn and grow. SAP-certified status from the SAP Certification program provide at-a-glance insight into which consultants are highly skilled and motivated. To become an SAP-certified technology professional, a candidate must pass a comprehensive exam from SAP.

Consultants agree that, when a technology partner encourages its consultants to seek continued learning through the SAP Certification program, it shows that the employer is dedicated to helping consultants be the best they can be.

“Immediately after earning SAP-certified status, I felt a difference in my career, not only in terms of recognition by colleagues and clients, but also through more job opportunities,” says Olga Pushchina, a consultant at Deloitte. “Opportunities opened up for me all over the world because SAP Certification is well-known in the professional community and internationally accepted.”

In fact, many partners have used the SAP Certification program to help transform nontechnical employees into technology experts. During a time of intense employee turnover, this can help you build the kind of workforce you need without turning to external hiring.

“SAP Certification supported my career enormously as it gave me the possibility to become a consultant. Before, I was working in different positions within HR. Making the change to a nontechnical consultant is a challenge. I feel lucky that I could pursue this dream through SAP Certification,” explains Ingrid van Miert, another consultant at Deloitte.

Create a competitive workforce

To support employees on their path to SAP-certified status, many technology partners choose the partner edition of SAP Learning Hub to provide the tools, learning, and practice that help consultants pass the certification exam. SAP Learning Hub also empowers consultants to stay up to date with continued learning on SAP solutions.

“Moreover, SAP Certification encourages you to always stay up to date, following the releases and passing the follow-up exams to maintain certification. This helps me be aware of the new, wonderful features developed by SAP and how to bring those features to clients implementing or using SAP solutions,” Pushchina adds.

Consultants who report high levels of satisfaction with their experience in earning SAP-certified statuses usually have access to SAP Learning Hub. Training and practice exams on SAP Learning Hub can help consultants pass their exam in fewer attempts.

“I would definitely recommend partners use SAP Learning Hub to prepare consultants for obtaining SAP-certified status. It saves sleepless nights and helps to focus on the most important features,” Pushchina advises.

Assure customers you have the top talent

Just as employees are staying with employers that provide them with certification opportunities, customers are choosing technology partners with certified consultants.

Customers today increasingly look for certifications because this reassures them that your business can provide the up-to-date expertise they need. Unlike a physician or certified accountant, technology experts don’t need certification to practice in their field, so a technology certification speaks volumes about those who have received it. It says consultants with SAP-certified status – and the partners that employ them – have an incredibly high standard for technology expertise. Many consultants say SAP Certification sets their employers apart from the competition.

“The certification provides a visible way of demonstrating our company’s expertise,” says Niels Wijsbeek, another consultant at Deloitte. “The certification process, particularly the preparation for it, forces you to deep dive into the content and quickly build up your knowledge.”

Now is the time to differentiate your business for both customers and candidates. A workforce with SAP-certified status shows your customers that your employees are prepared to meet their technology needs. The opportunity to participate in the SAP Certification program and continue learning on SAP Learning Hub tells a modern workforce that your business is committed to their professional development.

To find out more about the partner edition of SAP Learning Hub and the benefits of the SAP Certification program, visit us online.