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So excited about the upcoming Fashion Hack Day taking place in Berlin from 29 April until 1 May. International Fashion Designers and Developers will come together and create digital fashion like wearable, smart clothing etc. using technologies like:

  • 3D printing (Dimension Allee)
  • Laser cut (Trotec)
  • Conductive colors (Bareconductive)
  • Conductive threads and materials (Statex)
  • Arduino, Raspberry pi, other sensors (EXP-Tech)
  • Modelling Fusion (Autodesk)
  • Arduino Programming
  • Virtual Reality API for Headsets
  • Electric Luminescence

As sponsor of this first Fashion Hack Day we offer the SAP Hana Cloud Platform and its Internet of Things (IoT) services for connecting your smart fashion to the cloud.

What is SAP HANA Cloud Platform? It's for people with innovative ideas, like you. It is a platform-as-a-service for extending, integrating and building apps to meet new challenges, attract new customers, and drive new business. In the context of digital fashion you can connect the sensors (Arduino, Raspberry pi etc.) of your smart clothing with the SAP HCP. You can extend, integrate and build apps, which e.g. analyses the generated data of your smart cloth or triggers activities.

Some examples in retail like the smart fitting room app or the heat map visualizing the customer movement in a store:

Below some tutorials how to connect your micro controllers or sensors.

Try out the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Internet of Things (IoT) services

RaspberryPi on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Which micro controllers, sensors etc. are you using? Let us know so we can support you how to connect to the SAP HCP.

Let’s shape the aesthetics of the digital revolution!

Further Links & Tutorials: