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Thanks to CSR team, University Alliances has participated to a coding day organized for 24 young children around 15 years old.

This session, organized with Colombus, was dedicated to a class, coming from Seine et Marne, to discover coding activities with specific fun activities (creation of a simple video game).

After a quick welcome breakfast, the children could visit the Executive Business Center and follow presentations around Big Data topic. They were very impressed with SAP technologies and these new applications.

With the coaching of 7 SAP colleagues, they started working with Tangara application  They learned the first steps of programming, but also blue print and testing until the application works according to the plan.

Then, they listened to an officer from Gendarmerie Nationale speaking about “technologies as they are used by Gendarmerie Nationale”. The children were very impressed with the uniform and asked many questions to our guest.

The children could share the lunch with the officer and follow the discussion.

In the afternoon, they applied their coding knowledge on the creation of their video game. Every group had the opportunity to present their project to the jury who gave 3 prices to the winners team.

For sure, the children have spent a wonderful day by SAP and discovered what coding means.

Thanks to all for this splendid project   !