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SAP University Alliances was delighted to conduct a CodeJam for 31 students from BMSCE at their college. The topic for the CodeJam was “Java based development on SAP HANA Cloud Platform using Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment)”. Krishna Kumar S and Stephen Cherian from the Reference Applications team kept the students engrossed in HANA concepts throughout the event.

The event consisted of 3 info sessions each of which was followed by a hands on exercise. After a brief introduction about SAP, Krishna started the CodeJam with an overview of the HANA platform. And then expose the students to SAPUI5. The participants visibly eager to learn about the technologies enthusiastically participated in the subsequent hands on exercise. In the next session, Stephen covered topics like SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) overview and Java based development on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Once again the students participated in the related exercise with much vigor and interest.

In the final session,the students learned about binding OData service with UI and deploying it to the cloud. Keeping in touch with the informal nature of a CodeJam, the participants raised and answered questions without any apprehensions. The instructors expressed their surprise at the ability of the students to grasp the concepts and implement them without having any prior experience of working on SAP HANA.

The event was a grand success as it surpassed expectations of both the participants and the instructors. We would like to thank the faculty of BMSCE and the members of the Reference Application team in making the CodeJam an edifying and fun experience for the students.