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Happy to share today’s highlights. 50+ students joint the following workshop concepts at SAP Walldorf:

  • Workshop for handicapped students
  • 3D printing workshop at the d-shop
  • Introduction to User Experience and SAP UI5

Workshop for handicapped students

In 2012 SAP and the Berufsbildungswerk formally established a cooperation and signed a contract that brought about the SAP classes for handicapped students. This current project is called SAP4school – erp4school and is specifically used in vocational education. It aims at demonstrating industrial processes in a lively manner. Typically the learning situation is presented as a problem solving scenario.

At today’s workshop the students learned about Big Data by visiting the SAP Inspiration Pavillion, got further deep dive information how SAP’s Data Center runs and got first experience with Internet of Things in the SAP d-shop by exploring new technologies like 3D printing, wearable devices, robotics etc. Furthermore the students got information about SAP Careers.

3D printing workshop at the d-shop

In SAP d-shop locations, SAP employees have an easy and fun way to tap into the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). They can explore the latest IoT and prototyping technology and create new ideas for applications. For the European Code Week the SAP d-shop team – led by Julien Vayssière -  opens the doors in Walldorf and invites students and high school students. The students learned about 3D printing the basic concepts, printing technologies, industry related use cases and examples. After an introduction started with modeling in Sketchup or in OpenSCAD, Slicing (Slic3r, Cura) and 3D printing.

Introduction to User Experience and SAP UI5

Esther Blankenship, User Experience evangelist at SAP shared with the students the principals and the iterative processes of user experience. All interested are welcome to join the SAP User Experience Community.
Denise Nepraunig, SAPUI5 developer, guided the students building their first webapp using SAPUI5 and SAP Hana Cloud Platform. She showed to the students how easy everyone can start with no coding skills.

Booth at Wir.Unternehmen.MINT. congress

Today Christiane Bauer, global lead of the SAP Young Thinkers Program, presented the IT2School project at this event facilitated by Baden-Württemberg Stiftung. The IT2School project offers education modules for schools about programming, communication, networks etc. prepared in easy to use packages and with a lot of fun. This was developed within the collaboration of Wissensfabrik.

Please find the best off photo album on our UA facebook account.

Keep you posted on further EU Code Week events.

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