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For many students, education is a journey that begins with grammar school, and carries on through higher education. Each new class brings a new book of reference, increasing the weight of backpacks, and the likelihood that a sociology textbook is mistakenly brought to math class. Thankfully, the opportunity to learn in a corporate environment doesn’t require textbooks – and doesn’t end with graduation. Today’s learners are lifelong, meaning that the modern workplace must double as a classroom.

While a streamlined, online platform certainly reduces the weight of a learner’s bag, it doesn’t always solve the problem of having to keep track of disparate, one-size-fits-all content. In the digital economy, these online resources must be formatted in a way that maps out every aspect of a learner’s experience with an enterprise solution. Too often, support services are seen as separate from learning goals, forcing users to bounce between reactive support materials and proactive learning channels. But in order to truly navigate the ins and outs of a given software, digital learners must be given access to both kinds of content through one instructive channel.

Today, learning content must be presented in a way that is conducive to both support and enablement. At SAP, we’re working to provide this experience through the SAP Enterprise Support Academy program, which is available at no additional charge to all customers of SAP Enterprise Support services and SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions. SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support integrates this program and all of its enablement services. This means that for our customers SAP Learning Hub, SAP’s cloud-based learning platform, is the single entry point for knowledge about SAP.

With the goals of support services and corporate learning converging, why not merge resources from both categories under an on-demand and evolving platform? As businesses continue to make the move to the cloud, a cloud-based learning platform that encompasses all of the above is a natural next step toward the future of corporate learning. By providing increased speed and breadth, users gain instant access to both proactive learning content, as well as instructive support materials.

Teacher knows best

As users seek to learn from their mistakes (and the troubleshooting of their software), support specialists become teachers. Today’s corporate learning offerings invite the same support specialists and engineers who are experienced in addressing support tickets to lead live expert sessions. Direct access to the guidance and technical expertise will reduce complexity, coaching users to faster results and driving business value.

Allow learners to write their own chapters

Not only are textbooks heavy, they also take on a permanent, catchall format, neglecting the fact that no two learners understand or retain information the same way. Given the changing needs of today’s workforce, corporate learning options must provide innovative, customizable options. In addition to the need for live, expert-guided sessions, including options like self-paced learning content will offer the flexibility to meet the learning styles of all users.

We’ve made all of these options and more available to learners through SAP Learning Hub, and in our newest edition, SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, we’ve even introduced new formats also for microlearning. Through this structure, content is broken up into small, easy-to-digest segments. Offering versatile content will ensure users walk way informed, whether they’re looking to reinforce the skills needed to effectively run their software, or learn about a completely new realm of the digital economy.

The textbook of tomorrow for corporate learners is, and will be, collaborative, convenient and cloud based learning platforms covering everything from solution implementation, to the skill sets necessary to attain future goals. Offering support and enablement through the cloud will ensure learning content is made available at the speed of innovation, meaning that it might be time to retire your textbook.