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Training can be the key to helping employees succeed. A good training program can make employees feel empowered with information and supported by the company as a whole. For CGI, a global consulting and IT company, training its consultants is crucial for the company’s success. But CGI’s training involves more than simple orientation; at CGI, consultants needs to be versed on the wide range of SAP solutions that CGI supports for its clients.

Creating a training solution that is cost effective, sensitive to time constraints, and covers such a wealth of information seems impossible. Employees can’t be out of the office for days at a time, especially consultants, whose jobs depend on having time with the client. CGI has found a solution to for this, and its method is one that many companies can emulate.

In 2014, the research firm Ovum named CGI a "market leader" in the technology industry. CGI has a large team of global consultants who work with clients to implement solutions from SAP. These consultants are charged with helping their clients get the most out of their SAP solutions. But with such a wide range of solutions, CGI consultants needed a quick and effective way to train and learn about the SAP software environment. So CGI turned to the SAP Learning Hub site. SAP Learning Hub offers scalable, on-demand learning that is up-to-date, personalized, and always available. The site helps prevent knowledge leakage by speeding up the onboarding process; the company can stay nimble and train employees much faster than before.

When a company like CGI grows, it can only support that growth with more consultants. And the faster a consultant can be deployed to support a client, the better. So instead of costly and time-consuming training that keeps consultants on the bench, CGI uses SAP Learning Hub to get them on the job faster, and support them once they are there.

It is also important for clients to feel like their consultants are knowledgeable about the solutions they are supporting. If consultants are out of the office training, or don’t have all of the information they need, it can hurt the relationship between CGI and the client. So with on-the-spot training on the full range of SAP solutions, clients are happy that consultants are there to support any solution they want to implement.

CGI has seen a lot of benefits since it began using SAP Learning Hub. Access to and use of training materials and documentation is 70% faster than it was before, and its consultants receive 50% more training. By eliminating scheduling and traveling for on-site training, CGI has saved money and increased the number of consultants it has trained by 50%. All of this has resulted more support for CGI’s employees and better service for its customers.

As CGI has demonstrated, when a company is dedicated to creating the right training program it can make a big difference. Effective training programs can help employees succeed in at their jobs, but that training doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming. With the right program, like SAP Learning Hub, a company can serve its employees and its clients.

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