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University of le Havre has organized a ceremony to celebrate the signature of the partnership between le Havre University and SAP University Alliances. 


Hanno Klausmeier, Managing Director of SAP Labs France, Arnaud Tallec, site Director in Caen were present with French UA team at this great event.


Pascal Reghem, President of le Havre University, Nathalie Aubourg, Vice president of le Havre University and around 20 teachers were also present.


Le Havre University had also invited one major client, that is, le Grand Port Autonome du Havre who is very interested in the development of this new partnership.


16 teachers from le Havre University have already been trained on SAP.


This ceremony is the starting point of many other initiatives that will take place in the next months between SAP Group and University of le Havre.