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The last days of April are always a time for celebration at openSAP and it’s always a good time to express our appreciation to openSAP learners, experts and team members behind the scenes and provide some brand new insight from us to you!

On April 29, 2013, we launched the platform and opened enrollment for our very first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), “Introduction to Software Development on SAP HANA”, with the wonderful thomas.jung taking on the role as the first presenter at openSAP with the support of rich.heilman. We’ve been lucky to have Thomas and Rich return to openSAP many times to continue sharing their knowledge with the ecosystem and they’ve become well-respected SAP icons at openSAP!

In the past seven years, our team had a wonderful journey with our SAP Experts and you, our learners and so far, we’ve seen:

  • 210 courses

  • ~1000 instructors

  • 4.2 million enrollments

  • 970,000 unique learners

And not to forget, before we started our first native course, we had the pleasure of hosting, “In-Memory Data Management In a Nutshell”, with juergen.mueller.  Jürgen has been a friend of openSAP since the beginning and has showed up from time to time in various courses. Jürgen has most recently brought his Business Technology Platform Tutorials to openSAP, along with other SAP experts.

On April 28, 2015, exactly already 5 years ago, we published our very first podcast at openSAP from SAP Cloud Platform with rui.nogueira, who has also delivered many courses on openSAP and is another well-respected SAP icon among the openSAP community.

To make the openSAP Podcasts user friendly and helpful for you, we’ve grown our podcast portfolio to include many additional topics in the past 18 months, such as:

To coincide with our five year podcast anniversary, we’ve finished transforming our openSAP Podcasts section and now provide a great user experience across all devices. We’ve added an integrated podcast player showing all episode details, and additional episode pages for more information and additional content. It’s now easier to subscribe to your favourite podcast and listen from openSAP or from your favourite podcast provider, including Apple, Spotify, TuneIn, and Google. In May, we’ll have a new series, “openSAP Invites” so stay tuned for more information on that one!

Most recently, last November, we added another new format, openSAP Microlearning. This provides you with self-contained videos to complement your knowledge. Videos are for both beginners and experts and are aimed to meet your individual learning goals. The first product available is SAP C/4HANA but in the coming weeks, watch out for an additional series on another SAP product!

In the past seven years, we’ve grown our little community into a huge one and we really enjoy the interactions we have with learners, through forums, events like SAP TechEd and SAPPHIRE NOW, the SAP Community, and social media too. We’ve evolved our offering through the feedback and ideas that we receive from our learners which helps us grow in the right direction. Please don’t stop doing this.

As we all know, the world now is not what we know as normal and everyone at SAP is working from home, including the openSAP team and our experts. Don’t worry though, this won’t stop us from producing courses that we’ve had planned – our team is working with our experts to continue recording courses from home and we’re on track to deliver as usual. You might notice some different backgrounds to what you’re used to when using our professional studio, but hopefully this living room atmosphere is not too distracting for you to continue your learning! ?

Together with my passionate team, I would like to THANK YOU, everyone who has learned with openSAP – through a MOOC, a Podcast, or a Microlearning. We love working as a team with all the experts that we collaborate with, either on ad-hoc courses or series, and we love getting your feedback, meeting regular learners, and evolving our platform to meet your learning needs. We look forward to continuing to deliver the latest knowledge directly from the SAP experts well into the future! #LearningForLife
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