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Not too long ago, learning about SAP products always required learners to physically travel to one of our training centers around the world, sitting in a classroom and learning from a live instructor. While such "instructor-led training" (ILT) is still very popular for a wide range of use-cases and attracts many thousands of learners to our classrooms in every given month, in the Age of Cloud it is clear that this needs to be complemented by highly scalable digital learning that provides huge advantages for today’s learning challenges. Just to name a few:

  • How can knowledge about product innovation reach a very large, global community of learners in no time?

  • How can "lifelong learning" be supported - keeping knowledge current with a constant stream of product updates?

  • And how can you get your hands on these latest products to try this out, whenever you need?

  • How can knowledge be consumed "on demand" - as needed and wherever you are, in modular chunks?

  • How can you collaborate on questions with the global learner community for your topics?

Shortly after the highly successful launch of our massive-open online course (MOOC) program openSAP in 2013, that to date has seen millions of enrollments in courses introducing SAP’s latest innovations, we started the SAP Learning Hub in 2014, as the learning platform for all SAP professionals, available in the Cloud 24/7 at a subscription fee. Already from its early days , SAP Learning Hub has provided access to all of SAP’s relevant training content, and comprehensive Learning Management capabilities which we implemented on top of the SAP SuccessFactors LMS (“drinking our own Champagne”). Since then SAP Learning Hub has evolved a lot, delivering an impressive range of learning innovations that now position SAP Learning Hub at the top of the top with regards to digital learning experience in the entire industry – for example:

  • Collaborative Learning Rooms that provide a home-base for learners for each of SAP’s product areas – informing them about latest news, providing collaboration capabilities with SAP experts and fellow learners, and much more.

  • SAP Live Access providing opportunities for hands-on product experience in the Cloud

  • SAP Learning Journeys that provide guidance for each learner in their role, product area and learning scenario on where to start and continue their learning

  • A fast growing range of Live Sessions, where SAP’s leading product experts explain the latest in their areas first hand

  • Blended Learning formats where digital and instructor-led formats come together

  • Ever-improving modularization and gamification, evolving learning experience continuously.

  • Target-group specific editions for professionals (all access or solution-specific), editions for Partner-Edge and Enterprise Support.

When I look at my blog from 2017 on predictions where learning will be in 2030, 5 years into SAP Learning Hub quite some of this is already a reality (other than uploading knowledge to the brain ?). And, driven by feed-back from our customers and partners, the next set of improvements is already on the roadmap.

Ultimately, the value of SAP Learning Hub is confirmed by a steady, fast growth of its adoption by customer and partner learners. Did you know, that over the last five years, SAP Learning Hub has grown from ZERO to:

  • 450,000+ learners worldwide

  • 7.5 million+ course enrollments in over 14,000 digital learning contents

  • 250,000+ members in over 100 SAP Learning Rooms

  • 45,000+ attendees in over 1,200 Live Sessions

  • 500+ SAP Live Access system landscape images

With that, Happy Birthday SAP Learning Hub! Thanks to all the many colleagues who made it happen, and to all the learners who adopt it – and share their feed-back with us to make it better every day!

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