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In July 2013, SAP’s Global Certification Team (GCT) launched the SAP Crowdsourced Certification Initiative aimed at engaging SAP’s ecosystem in the development of items for certification exams. The initiative was initially open to only SAP S-Users who hold a valid SAP certification. We are pleased to inform you that the SAP Crowdsourced Certification is now opened to all C, D, I Users as well! All experts with C, D, I and S-Users with a valid SAP certification are now able to sign up on the portal and start submitting items for future certifications.


As a C, D and I User, you can now join the legions of S-Users that have already taken advantage of this great opportunity to lend their support to SAP’s certifications and provide valuable knowledge and insight for our certification program. We are currently accepting items for the associate HANA certifications and look forward to your participation in SAP’s Crowdsourced Certification Initiative!


Items submitted are accepted or rejected based on the following criteria:

  1. The items must be original (the questions should not be in the existing pool).
  2. The items must be relevant to a topic in a particular certification. This is based on an initial assessment by GCT and verified by a technical review panel.
  3. The items must adhere to the SAP certification item writing guidelines.

The ‘Rules for Success’ video series explain the item writing guidelines. Click here for the links to the video series: Rule # 5, rule # 1, rule #2 and Rule #3.


Anyone who submits acceptable items is eligible for the rewards program. Participants can earn bronze, silver and gold status and can receive free vouchers, invitations to enablement sessions, discounted access to advanced training options and are featured on SCN. 


Register on the portal and start submitting questions now!