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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Snap! is a visual programming language with a drag-and-drop interface and breaks down the barriers of different cultures, backgrounds, and dialects, and brings coding back to basics.

Snap! takes a on block-based structure versus a text-based approach to programming, meaning that processes stays the same for learners whether they’re an eight-year-old living in Bangkok, or an 80-year-old living in Texas. Not only does this help make programming and coding fun for learners of every ability level – it builds a global community of creators.

If you’ve got a basic understanding of computer science and you’d like to start teaching others how to get started with programming, then this new openSAP course, Build Your Own Snap! Workshop, is ideal for you.

The course will provide you with materials and guidelines on how to create your own Snap! workshop. All of the course content is already available for you to get your hands-on and if you’ve got questions, simply ask in the discussion forum!

All you need to sign up to openSAP is a valid email address and it’s the same requirement to sign up for a Snap! account too, and all content is provided free of charge.

Sign up today!