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BMS College of Engineering students visit

SAP Labs Bangalore

10 March 2016

We had the pleasure to host 60 students and 5 professors from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore on 10 March 2016. This is when we shared with the students great journey that SAP has had for over 42 years as a leader in enterprise software market. We shared with the students insights and knowledge on the age of the digital enterprise and how forces in the market such as cloud, analytics, hyper-connectivity, mobility, internet of things are fast changing the business as well as technology landscape. We talked about how important it is for businesses to run simple and to be data driven while leveraging the flexibility of cloud services. We naturally talked about our Digital Business Framework comprising of the digital core - S/4HANA which powers the well rounded portfolio of cloud solutions to cater to business dimensions for towards customer, supplier, employee and assets.

Tejaswini Chalam from the Early Talent (recruitment) team took over to talk to the students about the skill of the future that these students must possess in order to join SAP and its ecosystem. She shared about the life of an Early Talent who joins SAP and how he/ grows in her career. It was a great presentation prompting students to ask questions on placements, internships and projects. Thank you Tejaswini for a sharing some deep insights which will help these students build their career.

Swetha Susan a dear colleague then took over to speak speak about why SAP is ranked 5th in India in the Great Places to Work survey shedding light on the innovations, initiatives, CSR activities, employee centric policies and a lot more. Thank you Susan for a great presentation.

This is how the agenda looked like.

Start Time

End Time


2:00 PM

2:45 PM

SAP Corporate Profile/ Global Impact

2:45 PM

3:30:30 AM

Initiatives at SAP Labs

3:30 PM

4:00 QPM

Early Talent at SAP

We hope our young visitor had a good time learning about SAP.