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On 15th December, 15 students and 1 Professor from Indus Business Academy, Bengaluru visited SAP Labs India, Bengaluru. Postgraduate students were visibly excited for what awaited them. And living up to the excitement, UA team delivered sessions that certainly piqued the students' interest about SAP in particular and technology in general.

The afternoon started with Chiranjeev from the UA team narrating the SAP Corporate Story to the students. The story mainly dealt with the 5 focus technologies - Cloud, Mobility, Database, Applications and Analytics. This was followed by introduction to HCP Student Center, Movie on Big Data and Design Thinking Introduction Session. These sessions certainly aroused curiosity as the students engaged in a lengthy discussion with us trying to learn as much about the latest technologies which are being used at SAP.

SAP Video Loop
SAP Corporate Story - Overview of SAP Labs India
Introduction to HCP Student Center
Big Data Movie
Design Thinking Introduction
Meeting with Anil Warrier
General Interaction/ Campus Tour / Wrap up / See off

In the last session, students got a chance meet Anil Warrier, Head of Recruitment, SAP Labs India and then we showed them the beautiful and vast SAP Campus. We are delighted with the enthusiasm shown by the students and hope that they had an edifying experience.