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As one of four students I’ve been given the chance to attend at the annual Austrian SAP Forum. This year the Austrian SAP Forum took place in Salzburg.

As I’m currently studying in Vienna, I had to travel to #Salzburg one day prior to the Forum start to check into my room at the Best western which was kindly provided to me/us by SAP. I was certainly excited about what the following two days would bring.

Day One

Before the Congress started I had a short and nice meet and greet with the other students and the university_alliance team

Keynote – Technology as a Game Changer

So what are the great game changers?

Probably they can be divided into two groups, the first one would be the ability to add flexibility to IT by seamlessly embedding cloud services and mobile devices into the IT ecosystem. The second one would be Big Data, its capabilities and the new business possibilities arising from it. Those two combined are leading to a new form of business which is so called industry_4.0.

This and how to deal with the corresponding business and IT landscape transformation, were probably the main ideas which SAP wanted to bring across to this years participants at the sap_forum. Accordingly the subsequent presentation was about sap_hana which is from now on meant to be the default database platform. This was followed by some in depth views on how companies implemented SAP Solutions to react to their new business needs.

In the afternoon we were free to pick from different timetable, which also included an overview about current SAP development and new Solutions provided.

Day Two

The second day started with very interesting and stunning, approximately 40 min. long clip called the Human Face of Big Data about the capabilities of Big Data, based on some astounding examples what is already possible and has been done by using Big Data. The examples were ranging from the scale of a single person to a whole ecosystem.

Certainly one of most exciting moments for me were the round table  where you got the chance to sit face to face in a small group with people how implemented or currently implementing a huge SAP project at their company with the SAP professional who is assisting them. Here we got the opportunity to ask them any question and gain a “real-life impression” about the challenges to address when implementing such a wide-ranging solution. 

And at this point I want to thank Ms. silvia.rathgeb and Ms. juliane.krampe for providing me this opportunity.

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