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Working as the Technical Executive Assistant for SAP Labs China President, Yong Li handles the strategy and promotion of SAP technology. Starting as a technical support engineer, he has taken various positions such as developer, architect, project manager and also a team leader in his past 13 years with SAP. Yong has been recognized by Software School of Fudan University as a Visiting Lecturer recently.

On 23rd March, 2013, he was invited to give a lecture to 60+ students taking their master’s program from Software Engineering of Fudan University themed - “Cloud, Mobile, Big Data: New Innovative Opportunities in the Internet Era”.

Lecture Highlights included:

  • The latest trend about cloud, mobile and big data. He also explained in great details on what SAP HANA is and how it could impact today’s businesses and the opportunities it brings.
  • SAP’s corporate strategy in marketing our products and solutions. Case studies were given to allow students to understand the issues and challenges faced and also further strengthen the SAP brand among the next generation.
  • Conducted a Q&A session to answer students’ interests on SAP and our technology. Hasso’s book was also introduced and it was a great hit among the students.