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The first UA China Train-the-trainer Workshop and Faculty Day in 2016 have been  successfully host in Shanghai Donghua University on 17th-21st January with the GREAT support from UCC BJTU!

The Faulty Day was held in SAP Labs China on 17th January, a rainy Sunday. To better execute UA strategy 2016, this time we aligned with CSUA and invited two CIOs from SAP customer to share their experience and options on Enterprise Information Management in Faculty Day on 17th January. There were over 80+ professors come all over the national to attend this event.

In the morning, Jenny Yang, Head of UA China welcomed all the participants in the beginning, then she shared new strategy and updates of UA from both global and local perspective, which gained very positive feedback from all the attended UA member schools. Followed by two CIOs sharing, Mr. WANG Qibin from Anzheng Fashion Group and Mr. WANG Jian from Shanghai GM. They introduced the development history of their company’s information systems, as well as the current situation, also revealed the challenges and opportunities in the way. Professors gained the first hand information from both big and mid-size company and truly benefited a lot.

In the afternoon session, Frank Li, Director of UCC BJTU updated the planning of UCC China in 2016 and encouraged professors to be more active in SAP teaching and researching. OU Liyun, Channel Manager of SAP Education China talked about Learning Hub and SAP Certification for students. Then it went to breakout session consist of three curriculum, GBI, AIS and ERPSim. The instructor of these three workshops hosted a sharing session respectively. In each session, professors talked about the courseware, teaching method and exchange teaching experience.

During 18th-21st January, the Train-the-trainer Workshop host in Donghua University.Including 4-day GBI, 3-day AIS and 3-day ERPsim. After the workshop, all the professors accomplished the learning objectives were given a certificate of Attendance from UA.