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SAP University Alliances organized Train the Trainer workshops on 3 topics - Agile Project Management, Business Model Innovation & Design Thinking, SAP HANA and Design Thinking from June 12- 13 at SAP Labs, Bangalore. 47 professors participated in these workshops. The tremendous feedback received from many of our professors highlighted that after attending the workshops they gained a deeper understanding of the BPM, Design thinking skills and HANA skills and are more engaged about future curricula and the usage of SAP software in research and education at their academic institutions with a focus on SAP HANA.

Train-The-Trainer Workshop on Agile Project Management, Design Thinking

Business Design Thinking, Business Model & Innovation

Led by: Ann Rosenberg, Head of Global University Alliances, SAP AG

17 Professors attended this workshop and got introduced on the Agile Project Management Approach and how it can be applied to implementing SAP Projects successfully. The workshop also gave them an  understand on how to implementing the latest IT innovations with enhanced speed, reduced risks and lower costs using the simplified rapid-deployment solution experience from SAP.

Train-The-Trainer Workshop on Design Thinking

Led by: Dr. Christopher Han, SAP Labs Palo Alto, California & Crispian Tan, Director, University Alliances Program-APJ

SAP University Alliances organized the first exclusive Design Thinking workshop in India from 12 June to 13 June 2013. Around 11 faculties and 2 SAP UA Employees attended the workshop.

Design thinking is a new way of solving business and technology problems. It is more creative and user-centric approach to problem solving than the traditional design methods. The workshop participants were given a task to prepare a better Lunch Tray after observing the challenges employees face in using the lunch trays available at the cafeteria. The participants were divided in teams of 3 people per team and were given material to design and demonstrate a prototype of the Lunch Tray. It was an exciting activity which enabled the participants to think out of the box and work in a team to showcase their prototype.

Train-The-Trainer Workshop on SAP HANA

Led by Prof SVK Bharathi, Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology

The SAP HANA curriculum for use in UA classrooms is being developed within our global SAP HANA @UA initiative. The course contains knowledge on more than one SAP product. This curriculum covers the end-to-end scenario from the data source, via data replication into the SAP HANA database, through modeling and the graphical representation of the data in analytics dashboards. At this 2-day workshop in Bangalore, 19 Professors gained insight on the technical aspects of this platform to enhance teaching in web and application development classes using downloadable courses for member universities from our collaboration Workspace.