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On 26th-27th March, colleagues from University Alliances and Vocational Training visited Tongji University and Fudan University. SAP started to invest in Vocational Training Program in China since 2012 with Tongji University, Mr. Clas Neumann represented SAP to sign one MoU with Vice Dean of Tongji on the joint talent development for 3 years, then with the increasing demand for hiring from Labs and AGS, SAP expanded the VT program to Fudan University since January of 2014, this time, Global Head of Vocational Training Program used this opportunity to visited these 2 cooperated schools in Shanghai, to meet with the Dean and program responsible faculty of the schools. And Josie Guan, Program Manager of University Alliances, Cherry Cheng and Claire Fei, Manager of Vocational Training China, and Richard Zhang, Manager of Early Talent attended the meetings.

Besides the VT program, we have different level cooperation with the two universities, Joint curriculum for Bachelor students and on-job MSE, organizing student activities incl. expert lectures, office visits and student contest with the support from faculties, hosting Train-the-Trainer workshop and academic  conference for member school faculties, and joint research with faculties and postgraduates, etc. What's new, we and Festo company have developed new curriculum of Ind4.0 since min-2014 with 8 top universities from around the world, Fudan Univ. is one of the 8 to providing feedback to the materials, and this year, both Tongji and Fudan have joined as Pilot university to experience the new course. We both hope to further continue the cooperation and talent cultivation program with 2 universities for another 3 years.

Renewed the MoU with Tongji Univ. (Party Secretary of Tongji, SW School, and Mr. Markus Bell)

Exchange gift with Prof. Sean Wang, Dean of Computer Science School and Software School, Fudan University.