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Students studying at either an Australian or New Zealand university are invited to participate in this competition. Each participant is required to develop a dashboard using SAP Crystal Dashboard Design with the aim of providing competitors in an open water swim with feedback about their performance. Participant’s dashboard will be judged on its usefulness, usability, and data quality.


The winning dashboard creator will receive an Apple iPad provided by SAP

The winning individual will be acknowledged and their dashboard will be displayed on the SAP web site


To participate in this competition, you can download a free evaluation copy of SAP Crystal Presentation Design that will be active for 30 days and allows you to build your dashboard for submission at no cost. In addition, as an exclusive offer to participants only, you are entitled to purchase a full copy of SAP Crystal Presentation Design for $49 (RRP $196) or the bundle of SAP Crystal Presentation Design and SAP Lumira together for $99.

Once you have submitted your dashboard into the competition, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to take advantage of these offers. Read more here about SAP Lumira and
SAP Crystal Presentation Design.


Review the Tathra Wharf To Waves case study.

It is important to understand the requirements of this organization before starting to create your dashboard.

Download SAP Crystal Dashboard Design (software available for free download - Windows operating system required).

Want to learn more? Contact us or contact your nearest SAP sales office or Scholastic if you are keen to purchase a copy of the SAP Crystal Dashboard Design for your own use.

Learn to build a dashboard

  • Review learning resources to help you create an effective dashboard. We strongly recommend that you complete all of the tutorials before starting to create your dashboard. Additional elearning can be found here. Building a dashboard can be challenging, and completing these tutorials will not only save you time and effort, but will provide you with the critical skills to build an effective dashboard. 
  • Review sample dashboards (note: Internet Explorer, Firefox or Mozilla browser required). There are sample dashboards available on the Internet, which provide examples of layout, formatting, fonts, colours, component and chart selection, interactivity, filtering data.

Download the results dataStart building your dashboard  

  • Create a mock-up of the dashboard. Based on the information outlined in the business requirements, draw the layout on a whiteboard. Use the flexibility of a whiteboard to design the user interface. Things to consider include: the necessary tab structure; layout of the panels, components and charts; control flow of the application; drill downs 
  • Review the data and if necessary re-organized and format the spreadsheet to be used by SAP Crystal Dashboard Design. 
  • Use SAP Crystal Dashboard Design to realize your whiteboard mockup. Drag and drop the components and charts using data from your consolidated spreadsheet for a mockup design of the dashboard. 
  • Test and enhance your dashboard. Developing a dashboard is an iterative process. Review the business requirements and evaluation criteria and make sure the dashboard meets all of the necessary requirements.

Submit your dashboard

  • Entries must include a dashboard (xlf format) and accompanying documentation. The documentation should include simple end user manual to explain the functionality and navigation of your dashboard. 
  • Entries should be submitted to Paul Hawking by 5:00pm 18th October


  • Closing date for entries: 18th October, 2013


  • The competition is open to all Australian and New Zealand university students. 
  • The dashboard must be built using SAP Crystal Dashboard Design (software available for free download - Windows operating system required.) 
  • Entries must submit a dashboard 
  • All submitted materials must be original materials created by the entrant.


Paul Hawking, Victoria University (SAP Mentor)
Josh Fletcher, ASG Group (SAP Mentor)
Ingo Hilgefort, SAP Canada (SAP Mentor)
Tammy Powlas, Fairfax Water, USA, (SAP Mentor)