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On November 13rd afternoon, SAP UA together with SAP Education host a special lab tour for the students from Nantong University.

As UA member school as well as a new partner with Jiangsu Ruyun, one of the key SAP Education Partner and the first SAP Business One Training Partner in China, Nantong University aims for build up a more closer collaboration with SAP to optimize the curriculums and their talent cultivation methods, which can be better fit the society needs for practical talents. This is also the education reform that China MoE is emphasizing and pushing in recent years.

Total 56 students and 6 faculties from Information Management Major joined this tour. The visitors were divided into two groups and led to feel the SAP culture through onsite visit with briefing introductions. After that, presentations made by Benny Sun, Program Manager of SAP University Alliances and Phiona Li, Channel Manager of SAP Education, to share more insights of SAP company culture and resources that could be leverage for students. In Phiona's presentation, she also shared valuable experience for how to plan one's career path and accelerate to success. Students were actively share their thoughts and raised many questions regarding career development.

All these students will take practical training courses for SAP Business One operations and implementation, conducted by Jiangsu Ruyun, in the coming spring in 2015.