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On November 17th 2015, SAP Innovation Bus went to Donghua University. Benny Sun from UA gave a wonderful introduction and demonstration of big data applications and SAP solutions for headmasters, directors, professors and students, invited by Prof. Kejing Zhang, Vice Dean of Glorious School of Business and Management, Donghua University.

There are 4 parts in the bus, Big Data Test Drive Zone, Big Data Lounge, Big Data Demo Zone, and Big Data Mini Theater. They are supported by 8 iPads and 5 LED screens with 32 global and local fascinating demos and videos. Benny demonstrated  the business case of the sports event analysis, retail sales management, vending machine analysis,  truck tracking maintenance to the visitors. The headmaster and directors showed great interest in these innovated and intelligent program, especially the demo that SAP gave Germany support to win in the FIFA World Cup Brazil. That is the effect of SAP Match Insights. It was interesting for students to operate the equipment interactively, they were curious about the theory and technology of the solutions, they also had a heated discussion with Benny.