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A "Design Thinking Booth" will be setup exclusively in our Tokyo forum.

Topic: “How we children in Tohoku lead healthy lives”


Upon a visit to Miyagi in March for CSR activities,

our team heard from Chiba-san (the former mayor of Motoyoshi district),

that health issues are occurring due to temporary complex housing built on playgrounds in schools and kids have less space to exercise.

Dr.Claudia Nicolai from in Germany will be conducting this workshop assisted by Hara-san and Funaki-san (SAP Presales).

A pre-session will take place on July 9th with her and the students.

Participating schools: Oya Elementary School and Koizumi Junior High School, (12 students)

The students will be able to conduct their observation in the building

Special Guest: Chiba-san, the former mayor of Motoyoshi district will be sharing with us his stories during the event.

The students will be engaging in a Design Challenge during the event.

7/9 Tue. Pre-session for university students

-       Design Thinking Basics

-       Sharing interviews/observation conducted by Funaki and Hara (SAP Presales)

7/10 Wed. Agenda @ SAP Forum Tokyo


Preperation of booth


Chiba-san's Opening Message


Design Thinking Workshop


Pitch-back on solution