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More than 100 professors from the top 34 Engineering and Business colleges attended the SAP Faculty Day on 16th March 2012. This event is jointly hosted by SAP Labs HR Recruitment and SAP University Alliances. The professors were able to hear speeches by Dr Vishal Sikka, CTO and Board Member, SAP AG, VR Ferose, SAP Labs India MD and Prof NS Ramaswamy (former Director of IIM Bangalore). Dr Sikka shared his views on how the basic understanding and skill of computer sciences is lacking in India while Prof Ramaswamy talked about innovation and the importance of Indian culture and values.

The professors were also able to get valuable insights into the HR Recruitment plans, challenges and requirements with regard to IT graduates in India and how the professors can help in attracting the right talent to SAP. In addition, many of them who are not yet UA members, learned more on the SAP university Alliances program. Many of them have expressed interest to join the UA.  To cap the event off, it was a nostalgic moment for both the professors and the alumni (SAP Labs employees) who met at this event for a special session. The evening session for the professors was to participate in the SAP DKOM which was ongoing in parallel to Faculty Day.