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On 14 November, Adaire Fox-Martin, President of SAP Asia Pacific Japan (APJ), together with Mary Shinn, COO, SAP Korea, George Hayes III, Steve Weiss, Hyun-Ju Lee (SAP Korea Marketing),  In-Sung Lee (Presales), Helen Cho (UA intern) and Crispian Tan (Director, UA APJ), visited Ewha Womans University Business School.  Adaire’s visit to the top Womans university in Korea was to inspire the students on entrepreneurship and launch the SAP University Alliances Student Entrepreneurship Program.

During the visit, Adaire gave an inspiring speech to a fully packed seminar room with over 80 students on SAP’s leadership in the environment of disruptive innovation and why students should leverage SAP resources to dream the impossible and establish startups. This was followed by In-Sung Lee to share on what the students could expect from the SAP Startup Focus Program should they like to have their own startups.  Crispian Tan then shared with the students on what resources and support they could receive from the University Alliances program to Learn, and Apply as they plan their startups and on their Winners Dream path.

Dean of Ewha Business School, Prof Kim was very happy that his students could learn from SAP on how to improve their judgment of the business opportunity and increase their confidence as they build a viable business based on the latest SAP technology solutions. Students remarked that the presentations by Adaire and SAP colleagues gave them great insights and they expressed interest to learn more on SAP and to apply for the Student Entrepreneurship program. 

Adaire’s visit to Ewha Womans University to launch the Student Entrepreneurship in Korea was reported in 28 Korea media including Korea Times: