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Avoid Gaps in Delivering Your Service Level Agreements: Best Practices and New Tools between IT, Vendors and Enterprise Application Users

Date : Thursday, October 25, 2012

Time : 4pm Sydney, 1pm Singapore, 10:30am India

Duration : 60-minutes

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are becoming more critical for defining, measuring and managing the performance of IT within an organization trying to compete and grow in a changing business environment. Yet most organizations may be less than satisfied with the business value they receive from their SLAs. Typically, underperforming SLAs suffer from one or more of the common gaps: setting of unrealistic goals and metrics, failing to provide a ‘big picture’ view, lack of useful reporting data and ineffective reporting processes.

Our experts will discuss:

• Likely expectation and satisfaction gap that enterprise application users have with SLA metrics.

• Understand how to address and eliminate the phantom save problem "I saved the data and the system lost it" or "the system is slow ... it took 9 minutes to do this".

• How can you know your ratio of system error to user error?

• How can you link core SLA metrics to business intelligence based analytics?

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