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On November 27th afternoon, SAP UA together with SAP Vocational Training host a special lab tour for the students from Nanjing University.

As UA member school as well as the long term partner of SAP Vocational Training program, Software School, Nanjing University is committing to open more opportunities to their students for approaching SAP. The open day event is exactly design for sophomore students of School of Software from which they could get closer to SAP technology and solution, and start to plan for their future as well. Total 51 students and 1 professor attended this event.

In the beginning, Henry Li from Nanjing Innovation Center introduced SAP profile and history of SAP Labs China and Nanjing Innovation Center. To many student, they probably don't know SAP, and thought it's pretty far from their daily life. But the fact is, they are living all around with SAP customers! Then Benny Sun from University Alliances China shared with SAP resources for student learning and practicing. Some great opportunities for students to join in global competition and learn from professionals. Followed by two interns to showcase their daily working in SAP Labs China, how they step into SAP ecosystem from thousands of students every year. This was the most attractive part that many students actively participated in discussion and sharing.

The event ended by 4:30pm, but some students stayed for more chatting on the career development  and technology related topics. It was a great event that to plant seeds in all the students' mind for SAP. When the next spring come, we will launch new round recruitment for Vocational Training program, and a splendid blooming of these seeds awaiting by that time.