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On March 31, 39 students of Yonsei University attended Design Thinking Workshop conducted by Marie from Design & Co-Innovation Center and I from University Alliances at Yonsei University Wonju Campus.

The challenge was to “Re-design Karaoke experience”, and our goal was to provide the value of experience hands-on experience of Design Thinking process, and have fun practicing.

Students were quiet and awkward at first but after playing “Who am I?” game for ice breaking, they got relieved and vigorous. Team was built randomly for there can be many point of views involved. We provided Do and Don’ts at each steps and example at Define step. Students came from Design Thinking class, so they followed the process easily than expected. The session was only 3-hours long, so there weren’t enough time to experience deep enough, and the space was too crowded to accommodate whole students. So their top “I Wish” was there were more time and space to experience. They liked the way that everyone can share their ideas and thoughts during the entire process. After the session, they wanted to learn more about design thinking, use design thinking into different projects, think deep, and be creative.

The session has been a great opportunity for students to experience design thinking by practicing it, and to know there’s great company like SAP which emphasize design thinking this much. We wish this could become starter for students to have creative confidence, and become design thinking experts.

We are happy that the session went better than expected, and one more university came to know the value of design thinking.