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On Friday afternoon, 16th October, We had a half day Design Thinking Workshop for NGO Volunteer Leaders brought by NPI. It’s a part of CSR Month of Service event that delivered by SAP DT Volunteer Team.

NPI is an NGO organization that focus on social innovation and cultivating talents for public welfare. The 12 participants are all volunteers from NPI or other community organizations supported by NPI. They were divided into 3 groups coached by Anniwa from SLS, Benny and Josie from UA. Also with the help of Jaclyn from MD office, Chen Xin from CI&SP, Enya from SET to be the observers and supporters.

First, Anniwa hosted the warm welcome to all the attendees as the moderator of the workshop. Then Josie gave an introduction of Design thinking briefly, and Benny shared the challenge of the day which was “How might our future CSR App look like?” During the workshop, the DT process was presented to all the volunteers by Anniwa and Benny step by step.

Josie Explaining the Principles of Design Thinking

Benny Proposing the Challenge of the Workshop

Anniwa Introducing the Process of DT

Following the 6 steps of Understand, Observe, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test, all the teams worked hard on learning and practicing each process. The challenge was a practical issue for both volunteers and CSR organizations. Everyone has great interest in doing with it, and they designed the App from different angles by observing different user groups.







It was a great experience to work with such an enthusiastic group of volunteers. They came from different industries, but they had a common ideal in public welfare.  They integrated with each other very quickly and had a good teamwork. They cared about public good so much that they worked hard on solving the problem. Everyone gave valuable ideas about the challenge, and each team design an APP prototype even in such a limited time.

Design Thinking is a tool or methodology to solve problem innovatively. It’s more important to deliver the way of thinking to participants than the practical result in the workshop. We are sure the method will play a key role in the daily work for them in the future.