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On December 21, 39 female students of Korea Polytechnic University attended Design Thinking Workshop conducted by Design & Co-Innovation Center and University Alliances at Phoenix Park in Pyeongchang .

The challenge was to "Design co-working experience with colleague students", and our goal was to provide the value of Collaboration, Co-Innovation, and Live together.

Students were timid at first but soon they get relaxed and eager to be creative.Because our team provided students Design Thinking Process Material for each team of students, they could easily follow up with Design Thinking process. The topic was very familiar so they could easily empathized and come up with a specific scenarios. After Define, and Ideate, they came up with various solutions such as app, role-playing, software tools. After the workshop, they enjoyed the collaboration experience and Design Thinking process. They could better understand the difference and co-operate more easily. It was 4-hour long workshop so there weren't time to experience deep enough, so their top "I wish" was there were more time.

The workshop has been a great opportunity to show SAP's vision and eagerness to University students and co-Innovation. There were many Design Thinking workshops and Tour in 2015, and SAP Korea is happy about the last Design Thinking Workshop in 2015 ended successfully.