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SAP Design Thinking Volunteers (DTV) successfully hosted a Design Thinking Workshop for students from Enactus on Thursday, Aug 6th 2015. Total 51 students from 51 different universities all over China participated this workshop.

Enactus is an international NGO organization that focus on developing the talents on business. By engaging in Enactus projects, students learn to use the business concepts they are learning in the classroom to help others, thus they develop stronger business and leadership skills, as well as a sense of service and responsibility to the community and world around them. As the partner of Enactus, SAP was asked to provide a DT workshop to the students selected by Enactus to experience the methodology in terms of innovation. And enable them to use such tools in their journey with Enactus.

The challenge of the day is “How can Enactus encourage innovation among students”. All the students were divided into 7 teams, each team was guided by one coach from DTV. They are Honggang Wang and Chen Xin from P&I Co-innovation, Benny Sun from UA, Deng Di from SET, Nick Luo and Alexander Raabe from Successfactors, Tammy Tian from P&I T&L and Anniwa Abulizi from SLS. Honggang as the moderator host the warm welcome to all the attendees. He briefly introduced DT and SAP CSR, and Benny shared SAP UA’s mission to all the students in the beginning. Then Nick, Alex, Tammy, Di and Anniwa talked about different part of DT process respectively in the following day.


Following the DT process of “understand, observe, define, ideate, prototype and test”, each team was given by some time to work out the “input” of every stage. In spite of the limited time, students were very active in teaming up and working on the assignments. The teams completed Reframing and Questionnaire in the morning, and finished interviews during their lunch time. In the afternoon, students went through Define Persona and PoV, brainstorming for ideas, Prototype using storyboards. At the end of the day, all the teams were called up to test their soltuion by cross-presentation.

The workshop was succesfully ended by 5:30pm. After the whole day immversed into DT, students were fully convinced by the methodology on how it can help one be more innovative and very interested in applying it into their daily life afterwards. Besides, they all felt so exciting and attracted by SAP, not only for the working environment but also the cultrue here and the way how people work together.

It’s also a good experience for coaches from DTV to closely engage with these future leaders, everyone form SAP was inspired by their curiosity, vitality and passion.