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With the warm welcome of Prof. Zhang Kejing, Vice Dean of the Glorious Sun School of Business and Management, Donghua University, Design Thinking Volunteers started their one-day work out of the office in a sunny day. They are: Honggang Wang, Lead of SAP DTV, Tammy Tian from T&L, Josie Guan and Benny Sun from UA, and Windy Tian, External Independent Consultant. We were aiming to help the students find out the solution to cultivate the creative confidence themselves by using DT methodology, that's also what the university concerns about.

Followed by the fast grouping and self-introduction, the first challenge the students faced with was wallet design for buddy in pairs. Our trainer, Honggang helped each pair of students walk through the DT process to design a wallet or whatever his/her buddy would like to have. After they had a basic understanding of the main task of that day, the students started to design their questionnaires for the interview later.

In the afternoon, we came back with a very classic warm-up game, marshmallow challenge, then started to tackle the biggest issue of the day, "How to cultivate the creative confidence?" With the support from DT coach, each group worked out their own prototype with the information they collected from the interviewees, and experienced the standard DT process, Storytelling -> Clustering -> Define Intro -> Define POV -> Ideate/Brainstorming -> Prototype, then made impressive presentation to us all, some were even beyond our expectation.

Feedback from one student: "Really impressed by the fully preparation and decoration at my first sight stepping into the classroom, a good product design process should be iterative and involved your end user, we felt very relax and enjoyed the whole day workshop, thanks to SAP DTV."