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SAP University Alliances China Successfully co-work with marketing team on the organization of  Bill McDermott Conversation for Tsinghua Eminent Entrepreneur lectures which was hosted by Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (school of SEM) on 14th Jan 2016. Tsinghua is ranked 25th in the QS World University Rankings and considered the flagship institute of China higher learning.The University regularly invited the popular  international well-known business leaders to share their wisdom and experience in Tsinghua eminent Entrepreneur lectures. There were 300+ Tsinghua University Students and around 50+ SAP early talent program students came and listened his conversation.

The Head of China Labs Mr. Ruicheng Li , The Head of SAP Great China Marketing Ms.Lijun Sun and  other executives of SAP China  have participated the event. At the very  beginning  the Dean of School of SEM Professor Ying Qian has given an welcome opening for Bill and introduced SAP to all.

The major topic of the lecture is “Winner Dream”, Bill shared the struggle throughout his career, although from the ordinary family, he was with the desire for success, enthusiasm, dedication and hard work eventually achieved extraordinary success. Regarding succeed, he emphasized on the need to have empathy for our customers and even detractors so that we can listen and learn from them.   Students were so encouraged by  Bill’s career legend and  there were so many students raised their hands highly for getting a chance to ask question to Bill during the Q&A session.Finally Bill signed his book named” Winner Dream” to those students who are coming to the stage for his signature.

Before the event start the Head of UA China Jenny Yang and UA manager Carol Shao leverage the students In Tsinghua University to post the poster of Bill’s lecture in the campus and also conducted 3 activity promotion lectures in different schools of Tsing Hua. Finally there were 300+ Tsing Hua university students  registered for the lecture.   On the event day UA  also in charge of the organization, registration and Interview of students. Finally special thanks for  close cooperation from the teams of  James Lee  The COO of Great China and Lijun Sun The Head of Great China Marketing. With the effort together we made the Bill’s conversation very success!