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On 20 May 2015, Adaire Fox-Martin, President of SAP Asia Pacific Japan (APJ), together with Mary Shinn, COO, SAP Korea, Christopher Han, Chief Innovation Officer, SAP Korea, Teddy Choi, Innovation Team, SAP Korea, Helen Cho, University Alliances, SAP Korea and Sree Vidya Sekharan, Chief of Staff, SAP APJ, Nina Parker Harding, Vice President, SAP Global Partner Program Office visited Korea University. Adaire’s visit to the top Korean University in Korea was to successfully kick-off Korea University’s joining the SAP University Alliances as an associate member.

During Adiare’s visit, SAP and Korea University (KU) signed University Alliances membership. KU is the 11th university to join SAP’s global University Alliances Program in Korea with other schools like Ajou University, Ewha Woman’s University, Sogang University to name a few. During the ceremony, KU and SAP discussed their future collaboration to nurture the students with the knowledge and skills to become successful in the technology field.

Adaire Fox-Martin also gave a speech on 'Opportunities in Hyperconnected Era' at KU during her visit to the campus. There were 80+ sophomores from college of Informatics attending her special lecture that lasted for an hour. Adaire started off by introducing SAP to the students who are less familiar with B2B business and companies. She stated that we live in a world of change, a hyperconnected and digital world happening at a faster pace and SAP is the only software company that has all of the technologies to unlock the value of hypeconnectivity by delivering real, repeatable, and scalable best in-class transformative solutions for enterprises. Adaire closed the lecture by highlighting SAP’s University Alliances program that provides global curriculum as well as other useful resources to the students enabling them to learn and apply the latest technology on campus.

Adaire’s visit to Korea University to sign the University Alliances partnership was reported on the school press: