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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi All,

Are you an existing or new user of SAP Learning Hub? Do you have a general question on where to get started or maybe an idea to make the learning experience better? Join the Welcome Room and talk to us! The Welcome Room is a special SAP Learning Room designed to be the “Reception desk” of SAP Learning Hub; we are there to share news, provide direction to learners who are unsure of where to go, report issues that learners are consistently experiencing, and post quick tips on how to use SAP Learning Hub more effectively.


The overview screen menu provides a quick reference page to all of the most demanded information for new and experienced users.


Even if you do not have any immediate questions, it will still be helpful to be a member of the welcome room as this enables you to get news updates, new feature announcements and change notifications displayed directly in your learning room feed.


New developments, information and questions coming directly from SAP Learning Hub experts and users in the Welcome Room can be reviewed directly from your SAP Learning Room content feed.


It is important for us to have as many learners in the welcome room as possible. The welcome room provides the team a direct channel to you; our valued customer, in order to communicate our latest developments as quickly as possible and “keep an ear on the street” to ensure whatever is most important to you is most important to us.

Discovery edition users are also more than welcome to join; the Welcome Room is available to you as well! Feel free to familiarize yourself with the functions and features of SAP Learning Rooms with the Welcome Room and ask us questions as you discover what SAP Learning Hub can do for you.

Join the welcome room by clicking on the URL located on the bottom of the Welcome tile and stay connected with us. We value your Welcome room membership as much as we do your SAP Learning Hub subscription. Welcome aboard!


Happy Learning,

David Chaviano



If you are currently logged in to SAP Learning Hub, you can use this link to begin the registration process for the Welcome Room. Already registered? Be sure to to drop in every now and then!