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Addis Ababa University (AAU) in Ethiopia has become a member of the ESEFA programme ( The project will be hosted by the IT Doctoral Program (ITDP), which is a consortium of IT related Departments and Schools under AAU, that includes the Department of Computer Science, School of Information Systems and the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering. The ITDP is based in the campus of the College of Business and Economics (CBE).

The IT Doctoral Program has more than 70 PhD students doing their research in six different research Tracks (Information Systems, Software Engineering, Information Retrieval, Language Technology, IP Networking and Wireless Communication Systems). Each of the Department and the Schools that form the consortium run their own training programs at BSc and MSc levels. In addition these programs offer common IT courses to students of other Departments such as the first degree students in Management, Accounting and Economics Departments of the CBE, AAU.

Addis Ababa University as the premier and largest University in the country has its graduates in almost every enterprise sector of the country. The new opportunity for Addis Ababa University, as a member of the SAP University Alliance, is creating a chance of offering the Enterprise Systems (ES) Fundamentals programme to its current students, thereby exposing them to ES training using SAP. It is believed that this ESEFA training and research activities enhance students’ skill to deal with Enterprise Systems based solutions using SAP and thus making them more employable in the job market.

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