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What a great experience. 

The CeBIT in Hannover is not only the heart of the digital world but also the world’s biggest, and best known international IT trade fair.

CeBIT’s unique combination of exhibition, conferences and events represents an unrivalled tool for meeting potential partners and many very interested talents.

Academy Cube is an integrated training and recruitment platform. It is open for graduates worldwide and offers e-learning programs as well as jobs in the STEM field and related business areas.

CeBIT therefore is a perfect match for Academy Cube – on the one side to meet talents and potential partners, on the other side to participate in the CeBIT experience and get feedback.

From March 10th to 14th the Academy Cube stand was located in Hall 4, integrated in the BitKOM stand, one of AC’s partners, located between the booths of SAP, Microsoft and Telekom. Many visitors noticed the slogan „The Platform for Advanced Training and job Application“ and wanted to know more.

Many talents from around the world were fascinated by the concept and promised to sign up as soon as they got home. As a highlight we had a group of Portuguese students visiting our stand, also loving the idea, because jobs for graduates in their home country are rare.

Besides the talents we also had very interesting conversations with potential partners. Many of them want to integrate their e-learning into the platform. Others were looking for suitable employees and want to use the platform to recruit.

But they all had one thing in common and that was that they liked the concept. We will probably see some new partners on the Platform soon and user numbers are growing rapidly.

Thanks for visiting us at CeBIT 2014

Right Skills for Europe’s Digital Future - ACADEMY CUBE Initiative

(Academy Cube Stand)

(Students visiting the Academy Cube stand)

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