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In the past months, we have rolled-out several updates to the SAP Learning Hub site, to provide you an enhanced learning experience.

The updated SAP Learning Hub home page offers a more personalized space with all of the learning resources you need in one place, right at your fingertips. Here is an overview of the updates and the new experience:

Redesigned home page

After you log in to SAP Learning Hub, you will be greeted with a short introduction video, personalized learning area, and central navigation function at the top of the page. The personalized portion of the page will have your SAP Learning Hub subscription details, assigned learning content, as well as a search bar for our new content search function. The new search is designed to bring you to the content you want faster and with less filtering.

Updated SAP Learning Journey page

Fully integrated in SAP Learning Hub, SAP Learning Journeys are accessible under the “Learn” tab in the top navigation bar, as well as in the search function. New features include:

  • One overview page to access all available SAP Learning Journeys across your subscriptions

  • A “My SAP Learning Journeys” section to list all your pinned SAP Learning Journeys and the ones which you are currently working on

  • A function to see and manually set progress on individual SAP Learning Journey tiles


To find out more about the new page, read this blog post or watch this video.

Integrated access to SAP learning systems

SAP Learning System Access is now accessible in SAP Learning Hub, under the “Practice” tab in the top navigation bar. This new area provides you direct access to all SAP learning systems and a personalized page for an overview of your enrolled systems.


To find out more how to navigate the SAP Learning System environment, watch this video.

Access to certifications

You can access all available and achieved certifications under the “Certify” tab. With the help of a search function, you can also filter certifications for particular roles and subject areas you are interested in.

Under the “My Certifications” tab, you have an overview of all your valid, expiring, and expired certifications. When it is mandatory to stay current with a certification to keep its validity, a due date will appear next to your certification together with a link to the corresponding “Stay current content and assessment” in the stay current web app.

As you pass an assessment, the certification will be automatically moved to the “Valid certifications” list, with the new validity date. This provides a clear overview for you of the status of your certifications and the actions you need to take to keep certifications from expiring.

Stay current with your skills

Under the “Stay Current” tab you can directly access all enablement contents to stay current with your skills on the latest SAP product releases.

If you need to keep your certification from expiring, you can access here all enablement content and assessments.


If you would like to get a deeper overview of how to navigate SAP Learning Hub, watch this video. Access your SAP Learning Hub account now and take advantage of this new learning experience.