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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi All,

We are happy to announce a March 1st update to the look and feel of the SAP Learning Hub homepage that will be next step toward a more unified learning experience for all learners.

The Public Page 

The page that everyone can see on before you log in will now include more information on SAP Learning Hub for those of you who are not yet commercial subscribers.

Noteworthy changes include an overall update to the look and feel of the page, the relocation of the help center to the top right of the page and the inclusion of our onboarding sessions registration  to the bottom right of the page.

Once you have logged in

After you log in, you will notice a completely new experience. There will be a central navigation element at the header as well as a personalized learning area designed you get you to your content faster.

Your subscription information will be displayed in the greeting area with a link to your profile area if you have multiple editions. An easy-to-access search bar will be located to the right of that. Our new search function will be used here.

The courses that you have already assigned to your plan will be prominently displayed in a tile format below the greeting section.  Click "view all" for the full view.

Below the recommended learning journeys, you will find a streamlined resources section which contains support materials that might be useful to you.

Central Navigation

The first steps toward a unified navigation experience are included at the header. This experience will be undergoing continuous improvements in the coming months.

Home - The homepage outlined above

Learn - The default search page with no pre-filters. (Future plan for this section: Full support for graphical learning journeys)

Collaborate - A prefiltered selection of all SAP Learning Rooms available in your subscription. (Future plan for this section: Full support for dedicated SAP Learning Room homepage.)

Practice - A prefiltered selection of all SAP Live Access systems available in your subscription. (Future plan for this section: Full support for new & updated SAP Live Access portal)

Stay Current - Dedicated area to maintain your semiannual and quarterly cloud certifications.

Content Search

This new experience will make use of the improved search function which is currently live in a Beta capacity.

The results and accuracy of search results are under a regimen of continuous improvement.

Conclusion and Outlook

These are just a few more steps in the unification of the learning experience on SAP Learning Hub. There is still plenty more coming in the next months. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to bringing you along in our journey of continuous improvement.

Navigation FAQs

Due to popular demand, I have created some recordings demonstrating the answer to a few FAQs that have arisen from this change.

How do I get to learning content?

How do I get to and from SAP Learning Rooms? What about my private Learning Rooms?

How do I find my company-specific learning content?

How do I schedule my SAP Global Certification exam?

I'm an Admin! How do I find the admin center now?

How do I find the graphical Learning Journeys?

I'm confused! Where do I find help?

How do I get to SAP Learning System Access?

How do I get to my Learning History?