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I saw the announcement recently of 5 million enrollments - congratulations to the team and all the instructors along the way.


I thought it would be a great opportunity to look back at my own OpenSAP courses.  I've taken 80 so far - I know there are many more who have taken more than I have.


Some highlights:


I have taken 13 courses in S/4HANA, 8 courses in HANA, 5 in SAP Analytics Cloud and 4 in Fiori

Some keywords in the courses I took:

Tag cloud by topic of the courses I took

There is a site that will look at the sentiment your "sentence" shows - in this case, I took the courses I took and the site shows the sentiment.  Mostly the sentiment is neutral, with 1 negative.

Above shows a summary of courses by sentiment


I received a record of achievement for 72 out of the 80 courses.  I could offer some excuses for not obtaining the record of achievement…but I won't.  I guess I got too busy.

Some places where I have taken the courses:

  1. on a plane

  2. on an iPad

  3. at home during an ice storm

  4. at the library (pre-pandemic) so I could focus better

So far my favorite course is Be Visual! Sketching Basics - it was interesting, interactive and for sure you learn by doing.

Some recommendations (for myself) for the future:

  1. Print out the slides and take handwritten notes - I did this for the last OpenSAP class, and amazingly I followed the content so much better

  2. Turn on closed captioning, even if you understand the speaker - for some reason, I followed this so much better with the captioning turned on


What are your tips for taking OpenSAP courses?  Where have you taken the courses (any interesting places)?
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