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There are some big changes for the Stay Current program. SAP Customer Experience solutions has now adopted an annual Stay Current assessment schedule. This means that you only need to pass 1 assessment per year to maintain your certification credential. We will outline the details of the program in this blog.


  • There are now 3 Stay Current programs available. Beginning in HY2, Stay Current content and assessments will be available November 28 with the 2211 Certification. Completion deadline - April 15, 2023

Stay Current
L-HUB LJ code

Learning Journey name

L-HUB Role Cert to stay valid  Certification in the
Training Shop
SAP Customer Data Cloud​ C4H620​ SAP Customer Data Cloud​ Consultant C_C4H620_03​ SAP Certified Development
Associate -
SAP Customer Data Cloud​
SAP Commerce Cloud for Consultant​ C4H320 ​ SAP Commerce Cloud​ Consultant C_C4H320_02​ SAP Certified Application
Associate -
SAP Commerce Cloud
Business User​
SAP Commerce Cloud for Developer​ C4H320 ​ SAP Commerce Cloud​ Developer P_C4H340_12​ SAP Certified Development
Professional - SAP Commerce
Cloud Developer​


  • Below is a table that shows the previous certifications that map to the new ones.

Stay Current Program Previous Certifications Learning Journey Name
(in L-Hub)
Role Certification to
Stay Valid
Certification Name in L-Hub
SAP Customer Data Cloud C_C4H620_03; C_C4H620_94; C_CDCDEV2018 SAP Customer Data Cloud Consultant C_C4H620 SAP Customer Data Cloud
SAP Commerce Cloud for Consultant


SAP Commerce Cloud Consultant C_C4H320 SAP Commerce Cloud Business User
SAP Commerce Cloud for Developer P_C4HCD_1811; P_C4HCD_1905;
SAP Commerce Cloud Developer P_C4H340 SAP Commerce Cloud for Developer


Where to Start

Review your relevant Learning Journey(s) where you will find your core certification exam in the ‘Become Competent’ scenario. Then, select the Stay Current course that is assigned to your exam and learning journey.

The assessment itself is in the Stay Current delta course, as well as a separate link in the learning journey Stay Current tile. You also can reach the assessment via the menu in SAP Learning Hub TAB “Certify” or TAB “Stay Current”.

To maintain your SAP Certification credential, you must successfully complete the related stay current content and assessments before each period’s deadline. If you fail to complete an assessment for a certification you are holding, you will no longer be certified and will need to take the respective core exam again to re-certify. The SAP Certification team will send you an email to announce the start of a new stay current period with relevant information and deadlines. Please read that email carefully. The web application which hosts your content and assessment will also let you know how long the assessment will be valid and a count-down to the expiration date.

Watch this video for more information about stay current with SAP Certification.

Accessing Stay Current Content and Assessments

Stay Current content and assessments are only accessible via the SAP Learning Hub. You must have an individual SAP Learning Hub subscription (professionalsolutionpartner edition or internal edition) to access stay current content and assessments.

Log in to SAP Learning Hub and view My Learning Plan or click View all and scroll to My Active Courses.

If you cannot find the content in your active courses, view the SAP Learning Journey for the solution you are certified in and scroll to Stay Current.

Reminders from the SAP Certification Team

  • Reminder 1: SAP Certification will send you an announcement when new stay current content and assessments are available and include information about the deadline for completion.

  • Reminder 2: SAP Certification will send you a reminder four weeks prior to the stay current deadline.

You can also view the stay current assessment schedule for SAP Customer Experience solutions on the Stay Current with SAP Global Certification page.

Additional Information

For more information about SAP Certification, please visit:

For more information about Stay Current with SAP Certification, please visit:

For more information about SAP Learning Hub editions, please visit:


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will stay current content and assessments for SAP Customer Experience solutions be available for me to complete in SAP Learning Hub?

A: Stay current content and assessments will be available in HY2, Nov. 28, 2022 - March 15, 2023. You have approximately 90 days (depending on when you passed the core exam) to complete the assessment and maintain your certification and badge. Actual release dates and deadlines will be made available in the email notifications sent to you by SAP Certification. Also see above schedule/deadlines.

Q: Will I receive any reminders or notifications from SAP Certification as to when a stay current assessment is available?

A: Yes, all certified individuals will receive an announcement via email when the latest stay current content and assessment become available on the SAP Learning Hub, then you will receive a reminder approximately four weeks prior to the deadline, so that you don’t miss the opportunity to maintain your certification and badge.

Q: What happens if I do not complete the assessment during the stay current period, missing the deadline?

A: Your SAP Certification and its associated digital badge will expire. There is no grace period, so please complete the stay current requirements prior to the deadline. To be certified again and to re-enter the program to stay current, you must complete the latest certification in the Certification Hub. This re-certification attempt will count towards your available exam attempts for SAP Certification regardless of whether you are using the Certification Hub or an SAP Learning Hub edition that includes exam attempts.

Q: Will each stay current assessment count as an exam attempt for SAP Certification in my Certification Hub subscription or SAP Learning Hub edition that includes exam attempts?

A: No, stay current assessments are not core certification exams, and therefore will not count as an exam attempt. Stay current assessments use SAP Learning Hub web assessments and are part of your SAP Learning Hub subscription.


Hope this information was helpful to understand the new SAP Customer Experience Stay Current program and certifications associated with each. Get ready for the first mandatory Stay Current in November.
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